A Thank You to Veterans Posted On

Veterans day is a wonderful time to give thanks for the liberties that they have offered their time, and lives, to help protect.  They are a greatly valued, yet sometimes underappreciated, group of wonderful people.  Don’t forget that they’ve given to us, but, now, they may need us; with that said, they may also be in… Read more »

What is “Problem Gambling”? Posted On

We often get the question, what really is “problem gambling”?  It may seem like a vague, confusing term, but in reality, it’s fairly simple: Problem gambling is when your gambling activities cause a problem in yours, or someone else’s, life. Many people gamble socially and never experience problems due to their gambling.  You may have… Read more »

Staying Safe in Recovery Posted On

It’s a tremendous step when you acknowledge your gambling disorder and make the commitment to stop gambling.  But once you do, how do you stay away from gambling opportunities? How do you avoid gambling when it goes on around you?  Avoiding situations that have previously led you to problem gambling is critical for your long-term… Read more »

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Week: Have the Conversation! Posted On

Over the past decade the availability of gambling has skyrocketed but acceptance of gambling addiction as a serious public health concern has lagged.  It is estimated that six to eight million Americans meet the criteria for gambling addiction, and that 8-10 people are affected by one individual’s gambling problem. Problem gambling impacts relationships, families, businesses… Read more »

New York Council on Problem Gambling: New Website – New Resources Posted On

If you love KnowTheOdds, then you should take a few minutes to check out the new website for the New York Council on Problem Gambling.  If you’ve visited the NYCPG website in the past, you’ll probably notice that things look a little different now.  We wanted to make our site easier to explore, and better… Read more »

Super Bowl XLIX: Sports Betting & Problem Gambling Posted On

The Super Bowl, one of the most beloved annual sports events, is also one of top sports events for gamblers every year (second maybe only to March Madness). It has been estimated that Americans will place nearly $3.8 billion worth of illegal bets on Super Bowl XLIX.  That’s on top of the nearly $100 million… Read more »