Whether you’re at home, at the grocery store, in your office or out socializing with friends and family, you can find plenty of opportunities to place bets and try to win money.

Unfortunately, gambling can take a toll on your financial situation and your health. More than four million people in the United States meet the criteria for problem gambling every year.

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You don’t have to leave home to gamble.

There are plenty of ways to place bets while still in your home, from card games with friends to online gambling using your computer or tablet. Unfortunately, an addiction to gambling at your house can lead to secluding yourself from friends and raising your debt.

How much do you spend on Online Gambling

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per week
The American Gaming Association estimates that 1,700 Offshore Sites accept online bets

Can you stop at just one ticket?

For adults, picking up a lottery ticket can be as easy as running to the store to buy milk and eggs, and that can lead to escalating debt and addiction. Remember that the odds never change. A losing streak does not guarantee you are “due for a big win.”

How much do you spend on Lottery tickets

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per week
16 Percentage of adults who purchased state lottery tickets at least once each week in the past year.

Adults aren’t the only ones gambling.

New York's legal gambling age of 18 doesn't prevent kids from being affected by problem gambling. Thousands of youth from age 13-17 develop gambling problems every year. Educating children on the risks and consequences associated with gambling is critical to preventing addiction.

You might get a free space, but is bingo costing you money?

Raffles and bingo games are common methods of fundraising for places of worship and community centers. While they may provide socialization and community engagement, they can be regular opportunities for problem gamblers to lose time and money.

How much do you spend gambling with your
local community members?

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per week
The number of unique bingo cards that could appear in a standard bingo game: 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000 read out-loud, that’s...five hundred fifty-two septillion, four hundred forty-six sextillion, four hundred seventy-four quintillion, sixty-one quadrillion, one hundred twenty-eight trillion, six hundred forty-eight billion, six hundred one million, six hundred thousand

Team bonding... or addiction enabling?

Office gambling pools aren’t uncommon, from basketball brackets to picking the Super Bowl winner to guessing pregnant employees’ due dates. But for problem gamblers, these situations can trigger gambling urges they’re fighting to ignore.

How much do you spend on workplace gambling situations?

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per week
The American Gaming Association estimates that 37M of the nation’s 140M workers have participated in N.C.A.A. pools~ according to a Vault.com survey

Taking a chance on Wall Street?

Without proper advice or knowledge of how the stock market works, many people enter the stock market with little more than reliance on a guess and hope to profit. The urge to invest in order to make money can cause poorly-prepared people to face financial and emotional consequences similar to problem gambling.

Betting on games with friends?

Gambling isn’t always an organized activity at a casino, OTB or website. Sometimes it’s the deck of cards that turns into a poker game or a bar wager over who will win the big game. This type of activity can be a fun way to spend time, but can result in the loss of money and trigger further gambling.

How much do you spend gambling with friends when grabbing a drink at the bar?

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per week
Among the 4.9% of adults who experienced problem gambling in the previous year 27.7% also experienced a substance use disorder.

Is a day at the races costing you a fortune?

Whether you’re at the racetrack or watching on television, there are plenty of opportunities to gamble on horse races throughout the year. Do you lose money on horse races, either while betting with friends or on your own?

How much do you spend on gambling during horse races?

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per week
Gamblers wagered 2.2 Billion Dollars on New York horse races since 2009~ New York Times

Don’t let high rolling lead to high debt.

Casinos are tourism destinations, entertainment venues and places filled with gambling opportunities. For many people, these are positive and fun experiences, but for problem gamblers, trips to the casino can lead to heavy debts, missed days of work and other consequences at home.

How much do you typically spend at a casino

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per week
Gamblers who visited casinos in NJ averaged $99 loss per visit in 2011
You spend approximately
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per year gambling

Are you concerned about the gambling of you or a loved one? Help and hope is available 24/7 at the NYS HOPEline. All calls are toll-free, anonymous and confidential. Reach out today.

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