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Throughout New York State, problem gambling affects people of all ages, genders, occupations and backgrounds. But help is available to keep problem gambling from affecting your personal relationships, your financial well being and your vocational pursuits. Seek support for you and your loved ones.


The Path of Problem Gambling

The Path of Problem Gambling

Every year, 2M U.S. adults are estimated to meet the criteria for disordered gambling, while another 4-6M individuals are problem gamblers at risk for serious addiction consequences.

Are you familiar with how problem gambling can affect an individual, as well as his or her family members, friends, coworkers and community? Explore the path of problem gambling, and share with others to prevent gambling addiction from affecting people you know.

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The Hidden Addiction

The Hidden Addiction

You can smell cigarette smoke in the air and on the clothes of people who frequently smoke. You can smell alcohol on the breath of individuals who frequently drink.In serious cases, physical changes are obvious signs there may be a problem and possibly an addiction.

Gambling doesn’t have obvious signs and, at first, can be easy to hide. In our fourth ebook, we explain why problem gambling is referred to as "the hidden addiction" and many of the demographic segments who suffer in silence.

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