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Problem gambling.

If you’re suffering from it, you’re not alone.

Gambling disorder affects men and women, young and old, of all backgrounds, ethnicities and lifestyles. People gamble for various reasons, and they do so in many different ways. Some gamble for thrill, and others seek an escape. Many gamble socially, while others gamble in isolation.

Too often, gambling is the “hidden addiction” that goes unnoticed by family members and friends until physical, financial and emotional consequences have stacked up. But there’s good news: help for problem gambling is available, and recovery is possible.

KnowTheOdds seeks to raise awareness about problem gambling, prevent addiction from affecting more of our community members, and help those hurting from problem gambling right now. Explore our resources to learn about problem gambling, understand how to recognize its signs, and find a path to recovery for you or your loved one.

Together, we can work toward a future without problem gambling.

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