Are you Struggling with Problem Gambling? Posted On

Are you struggling with Problem Gambling? What is the difference between a social gambling and a problem gambling?  It may be difficult to understand the difference between these different gambling classifications, but it’s actually quite simple once we break it down.  If you believe you,  or a loved one, may be struggling with problem gambling,… Read more »

Recovery and Gam(bl)ing Posted On

Recovery Although the 2016 celebration of Recovery Month is behind us, we shouldn’t forget that recovery is every day!  Recovery can be an exciting time for everyone.  It can be a time of exploration into who you are, and a time to rebuild relationships with anyone who brings a positive experience into your life.  … Read more »

When Gambling Becomes a Problem Posted On

When gambling becomes a problem, it can feel very confusing.  Many people who struggle with problem gambling may not realize they’re struggling by saying, “I don’t have a problem with gambling!”  They may not realize that their financial problems, family problems, and health problems may be stemming from their gambling.  Many people believe they need… Read more »

Problem Gambling Awareness Month Wrap-Up Posted On

The conclusion of March meant the conclusion of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and what a great month it was!  Prevention councils, treatment providers, community members, and citizens from across the country, shared news, research, resources, personal struggles, and inspirational recovery stories.  Of the many resources shared were the helplines from across the country.  For those… Read more »

Gambling Addiction: YOU Can Make a Difference Posted On

Addiction affects millions of people throughout the world. Whether alcohol, drugs, gambling or another type, addictions hurt more than just the person who is addicted. They can affect their family members, friends, coworkers, neighbors and more.   But you can help make a difference. You can help raise awareness about gambling addiction, help people who… Read more »

KnowTheOdds: New Website – Same Problem Gambling Mission Posted On

If you’ve visited our website in the past, you’re probably noticing that things look a little different here now. We wanted to make our site easier to explore and better display our resources, so today, we’ve launched a brand new website! We hope you like it! Take a look around our new site, and let… Read more »