The Dangers of Youth Gambling Addiction

Studies have shown that the younger a child is introduced to gambling, the more likely he or she is to develop a gambling addiction in the future.

By educating ourselves and our children about the risks of underage gambling now, we can help reduce the risk for problem gambling in our youngest generations. Join us in being a part of the effort to protect our young community members today!

Our ebook, “The Dangers of Youth Gambling Addiction,” covers how children and teenagers learn about gambling for the first time, how they begin gambling on their own, and how their gambling decisions can be influenced by brains that are not yet fully developed. Our ebook covers topics such as:

  • A brief introduction to problem gambling
  • Adolescent brain development and at-risk behavior
  • How kids are introduced to gambling
  • Youth and online gaming opportunities
  • Gambling in high school
  • College students and gambling
  • Signs of underage problem gambling
  • Underage gambling legal issues
  • Finding help for underage addiction
  • Educating your children about gambling addiction
  • Raising problem gambling awareness in your community

Our kids, from the time they are small children to when they are young adults, see gambling in advertisements, movies and more. It’s our responsibility to remind them of the dangers associated with excessive gambling, the signs of a problem and the ways they can find help, if they ever need it. Read our ebook to learn more about the dangers of youth gambling, and share what you learn with family members and friends young and old.