The Faces of Problem Gambling

You can read stats, surveys, research and definitions that talk about problem gambling, but we understand that sometimes you need to hear real stories. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals just in New York State who have been hurt by the consequences of gambling addiction, but many of these individuals have also found hope and happiness from recovery.

These stories deserve to be known, and to be shared.

“The Faces of Problem Gambling” shares stories from a variety of individuals, all who have been affected by gambling disorder, whether their own or the disorder of someone they know. Read the stories of:

  • The Career Gambler: Read the story of a man who began gambling from a young age, gambled on sports as a career during and after college and suffered the loss of close relationships before finding support in Gamblers Anonymous and entering a long (and ongoing) recovery.
  • The Gambler Turned Coach: Read the story of a young female athlete whose competitive spirit and gambling addiction led to significant financial, emotional and physical problems before she sought help and, ultimately, became a recovery coach for many others.
  • The Spouse: Read the story of a woman whose husband gambled from high school through the first years of their marriage, causing emotional and financial problems for the entire family until they found support groups and began a lasting recovery together.
  • The Daughter: Read the story of a young girl who watched her mother’s addiction to lottery tickets lead to many problems for their family before her mother was able to begin her recovery and rebuild her relationships with many family members.
  • The Counselor: Learn from a certified counselor who works with individuals addicted to gambling and their family members frequently, assisting them on their road to recovery and happier, healthier futures.

While we need to educate our communities about the existence of problem gambling and its consequences, we also need to teach others that recovery is possible.

After reading the recovery stories within “The Faces of Problem Gambling,” we hope you are inspired – and ready to start your own recovery or help a friend or loved one begin their own. If you’re ready to start your recovery, find help today.