Latino Communities & Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction affects people regardless of ethnicity, age, gender or background. People gamble in different ways, for different reasons, sometimes influenced by cultural upbringing or gender roles. Gambling in Latino communities is no different.

Latino communities experience problems with gambling addiction, just as many others across the world do. However, cultural factors may influence how people begin gambling, how they cope with addiction, and if and how they seek treatment.

To understand how we can best raise awareness of problem gambling and help available in Latino communities, we must understand who gambles, how they gamble and why they might not reach out for help.

Our ebook, “Latino Communities & Problem Gambling,” covers topics such as:

  •         Common ways Latinos choose to gamble
  •         Problem gambling and cultural traditions and family values
  •         Gambling and gender roles or expectations
  •         Ways in which Latinos are at-risk
  •         Consequences of problem gambling in Latino communities
  •         Ways in which Latinos can seek help
  •         Raising awareness of problem gambling in Latino communities

Learn from our ebook and share with friends and neighbors who you think could benefit from learning about problem gambling in Latino communities. For those who are Spanish-speaking, all KnowTheOdds resources, including this book, are available on our Spanish website.