Staying Safe After Problem Gambling

When seeking to recover from problem gambling, choosing to stop placing bets is just the first step. Staying in recovery often requires dedication, lifestyle changes, ongoing support, and much more.

If you or a loved one is beginning recovery from problem gambling, a treatment plan will need to be solidified. A treatment plan is an individual’s way of solidifying a commitment to lifestyle changes and outlines the steps that must be taken to prevent any future gambling. By sticking to your treatment plan, you can help yourself stay in recovery.

KnowTheOdds’ ebook, “Staying Safe After Problem Gambling,” was created to help individuals understand what happens right after they seek help for a gambling problem. They’ve made the decision to quit, now what? Our ebook includes chapters such as:

  • Creating your ongoing problem gambling treatment plan
  • Dealing with the consequences of your problem gambling
  • Identifying your gambling triggers
  • Educating family and friends about your gambling
  • Taking financial responsibility after your problem gambling
  • Making necessary lifestyle changes for your recovery
  • Avoiding workplace gambling opportunities
  • Staying clear of other addictions throughout your recovery
  • Getting help when struggling with an urge to gamble

Read our ebook to explore life after recovery begins. Understand feelings you may feel and conversations you may need to have. Know what choices you may need to make differently in the future and what activities you may no longer participate in. Find new activities other than gambling that provide opportunities for you to socialize, relax, release frustration and manage stress. Our ebook is provided as an informational guide, but should not replace proper treatment and counseling from trained professionals.

By educating yourself on our recommendations for starting a healthy recovery, we hope you or your loved one can find comfort as the gambling stops and a healthy, hopeful recovery begins.