Understanding Problem Gambling

What is problem gambling? Who does it affect? What warning signs should I look for, and what do I do when I notice a problem?

 Millions of people have never heard of problem gambling. At KnowTheOdds, we seek to change that. Our first ebook provides an introduction to problem gambling for everyone, whether interested in gambling or not. We want individuals to be able to recognize problems of their own, but we also want people to become educated about gambling addiction in order to raise awareness within their own communities. Our introduction to problem gambling helps people like you do just that.

 “Understanding Problem Gambling” covers topics such as:

  • The definition of problem gambling
  • The demographics and risk factors of problem gambling
  • The consequences associated with problem gambling
  • Warning signs you should look for to identify a problem
  • Information on getting help
  • Resources available for problem gamblers, family members and friends seeking help

 Read our original ebook and share with family members and friends who you’d like to become educated about problem gambling. By learning the basics, you can take the first step in helping to prevent gambling addiction in your home and your community.