March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month Posted On

During the month of March, many community, statewide and national agencies will be working together to raise awareness about problem gambling and where to get help. 

Defining Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling refers to any time gambling causes problems in someone’s life.   Gambling problems can feel overwhelming, such as financial difficulties, troubled relationships with loved ones, and struggles with personal health.  The most troubling consequence of problem gambling is that 1 in 5 people struggling have attempted or completed suicide.  

Every day, nearly 668,000 New Yorkers struggle with problem gambling.  Each of these people struggling affect between 8 and 10 people closest to them, which extends out to nearly 7 million people negatively affected by problem gambling.  Problem gambling is an important issue to discuss since it affects such a large number of people.   

Problem Gambling Awareness Month in 2019

This year in New York, Problem Gambling Awareness Month will focus on problem gambling in the work place.  This month will act as a specialized moment for those negatively affected by gambling to learn more and find needed help and support at work.  These personal problems don’t stay home, and they do affect the workplace atmosphere and productivity.   Workplace specific warning signs of problem gambling include: 

  • Deterioration of work performance; 
  • Frequent, unexplained absences from work; 
  • Preoccupation with gambling opportunities in the workplace such as sports pools, betting opportunities, etc.; 
  • Frequently borrowing money from coworkers, or arguing with coworkers about financial issues; 
  • Requests for pay in advance, or cashing in retirement or vacation time; 
  • Mood swings or a change in personality; and 
  • Verbalizing the negative effects of gambling on one’s life. 

What You Can Do to Help Spread the Word about Problem Gambling Awareness Month

During the month of March, you can expect a ton of information, data, and resources available through different media outlets and providers.  Pay attention to our Facebook and Twitter pages as we plan to reach as many people as possible by posting and sharing content to continue to raise awareness of problem gambling and get help for those adversely affected by problem gambling.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Have conversations with anyone and everyone about problem gambling;
  • Share information about problem gambling and available help;
  • Share resources in print and online media form;
  • Like/friend us on Facebook and Twitter;
  • Subscribe to the NYCPG mailing list to receive weekly information blasts and other resources;
  • Share social media content (#AwarenessPlusAction), emails, and any other information that you come across;
  • Help those struggling by reaching out to your local Problem Gambling Resource Center at

We hope to see you next week with more Problem Gambling Awareness Month updates!