Problem Gambling and Mental Health Posted On

When many of us think about problem gambling, we are often drawn to the one obvious negative consequence – financial struggle.  It’s time we start talking about the elephant in the room – the connection between mental health and problem gambling.  No one is really sure which came first, but there are strong connections between problem gambling… Read more »

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month! Posted On

What is Problem Gambling Awareness Month? Problem Gambling Awareness Month is a time to pay special attention to the issues around problem gambling, and ways to get help for those who are suffering from the effects of problem gambling.  Problem gambling affects everyone; from the person who struggles with problem gambling, to their families who… Read more »

Just Another Sunday Posted On

There’s a lot of hype building around the upcoming Super Bowl, but if you’re in recovery, this could mean big problems.  For those in recovery from problem gambling, watching the big game can be like someone in recovery from alcohol addiction entering a bar; it’s just better to avoid the situation. Well, you may be thinking,… Read more »

Stress During the Holiday Season Posted On

The holidays are meant to bring joy as family and friends come together to celebrate, reminisce, and create new memories.  Although the holidays are a joyous time, many people struggle with stress and anxiety as the holidays approach.  Though stress is not good for anyone, stress is especially dangerous for people in recovery, as stress… Read more »

Holiday Preparation Posted On

As the holiday season draws near, many people are scurrying about trying to come up with holiday gift ideas.  For those who give cards, or stuff stockings, sometimes it seems easy, and harmless, to throw in a scratch-off, but “harmless” is certainly not the case. Concerning youth, 17 years and younger, offering scratch-offs could lead… Read more »

Gratitude in Recovery Posted On

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we all heard about how important it is to be thankful for what we have.  But did you know that gratitude can actually help along the road to recovery.  To be grateful doesn’t mean comparing your life against others, but, instead, shifting the focus on appreciating the things we have in… Read more »