Living in Addiction Recovery: Managing Stress Posted On

Stress: A specific response by the body to a stimulus such as fear or pain that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism. We all feel stressed from time to time. Stress affects us physically, mentally and emotionally.  The worry or pressure caused by life’s issues affects us in ways we… Read more »

Recovery Month: The Importance of Support and Hope Posted On

Every day, millions of individuals across the globe are recovering from mental and substance abuse disorders. Among those conditions is problem gambling, medically defined by the DSM-5 as Disordered Gambling. Problem gambling affects approximately 2 million people nationwide, with another 4-6 million at-risk. During this month of understanding recovery and the disorders and addictions individuals… Read more »

Addiction and Depression: Reach Out For Help Posted On

For millions of individuals suffering from addictions, whether to alcohol, drugs, gambling or else, the consequences of addiction can cause quite a bit of stress, despair, insecurity and worry. For people also prone to being affected by a depressive disorder, a dual-diagnosis can make the fight for recovery and a healthy life tremendously difficult. How… Read more »

Telling Your Parents About Your Gambling Addiction Posted On

No matter how old you are, telling your parent or parents about your gambling addiction can be intimidating. As we grow up, telling parents anything good or bad can cause us to worry. You might be concerned they won’t be as happy for your good news as you are, critical of your big decisions, or… Read more »

Couples & Problem Gambling: Recovering Together Posted On

Couples share a lot. They share bills, they share property, they share schedules, and they share responsibilities… The list can go on and on! Unfortunately, couples also share the consequences of a gambling addiction when gambling begins to affect the decisions and actions of one of the individuals. In KnowTheOdd’s ebook, “The Real Faces of… Read more »

How To Help Someone With An Addiction Posted On

Having a family member or friend who is struggling with an addiction can take an emotional toll on you. We know that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual – it affects their loved ones around them, too. Many friends and family members don’t know what to do. They ask, “How do I help someone with… Read more »