Couples & Problem Gambling: Recovering Together Posted On

Couples share a lot. They share bills, they share property, they share schedules, and they share responsibilities… The list can go on and on! Unfortunately, couples also share the consequences of a gambling addiction when gambling begins to affect the decisions and actions of one of the individuals. In KnowTheOdd’s ebook, “The Real Faces of… Read more »

How To Help Someone With An Addiction Posted On

Having a family member or friend who is struggling with an addiction can take an emotional toll on you. We know that addiction doesn’t just affect the individual – it affects their loved ones around them, too. Many friends and family members don’t know what to do. They ask, “How do I help someone with… Read more »

Healthy Activities to Do While in Gambling Addiction Recovery Posted On

From our knowledge of gambling addiction’s triggers, we know that some people choose to gamble to fill time when they’re bored. Others gamble to avoid problems and frustration. Other problem gamblers choose to gamble as a method of relaxation or a way to celebrate good news. For a problem gambler in recovery, it is very… Read more »

Addiction Recovery: New Year’s Resolutions for Problem Gamblers Posted On

The year is just about to come to an end. For some problem gamblers, this year was a year filled with positive recovery steps, whether they were part of the very beginning of a recovery or another successful year of recovery. For others, 2013 was the year problem gambling began to have serious consequences.