Problem Gambling Awareness Month Wrap-Up Posted On

The conclusion of March meant the conclusion of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, and what a great month it was!  Prevention councils, treatment providers, community members, and citizens from across the country, shared news, research, resources, personal struggles, and inspirational recovery stories.  Of the many resources shared were the helplines from across the country.  For those… Read more »

Recent Study Suggests Link Between Gambling Disorder and Pleasure Posted On

Across the world, researchers are working to better understand the causes of gambling addiction so that we can discover more effective ways to treat it. By looking at the differences between problem gamblers and those not affected by addiction, and by looking at the similarities between problem gamblers and those facing other addictions, we may… Read more »

Noticing the Signs of Addiction When They’re Hard to See Posted On

It’s not obvious upon first meeting someone. Unlike a waft of nicotine, or a faint smell of alcohol on a person’s breath, problem gambling is an addiction that can be much harder to spot. Even in those who are close to us, our own spouses and family members. For this reason, we often call it… Read more »

Problem Gambling: When Winning Doesn’t Make You Stronger Posted On

“But it’s okay if I’m winning, right?” “I’m overdue for a win. It’ll happen any time.” “I’ll just win my money back and be done.” These are common feelings many problem gamblers have. Beginner’s luck might make someone feel like his or her frequent gambling is okay, because they’ve won before, even though winning is… Read more »

Take The Problem Gambling Recovery Survey Posted On

We know that recovery from problem gambling is possible. We’ve heard the problem gambling success stories of many individuals, and the stories of the family members and friends around them. We know recovery is possible, but we want to know more. Throughout the United States, tens of thousands of people are recovering from problem gambling,… Read more »

What You Should Know About Problem Gambling Posted On

As New Yorkers prepare for more casinos to be built in New York State, many are hearing the phrase “problem gambling” for the first time. People know about alcoholism and drug abuse, but millions of people have never heard of this issue, also referred to as gambling addiction and clinically diagnosed by medical professionals as… Read more »