“Why Can’t They Just Stop Gambling?” Posted On

“The money is all gone. Why can’t my husband just stop gambling?” “She’s already lost her house. What else will my sister risk?” “He’s not doing well in school and he never sees his friends anymore. Why won’t my child stop gambling?” “I know I need to, but why can’t I stop gambling?” It’s a… Read more »

Interview: Lesa Densmore, Problem Gambling Recovery Coach Posted On

We recently spoke with Lesa Densmore, who specializes in coaching people in recovery from gambling addiction and is a national speaker and educator on the issue. A recovering gambling addict, Lesa Densmore last gambled on March 2, 2009. How were you first introduced to gambling? It started around the kitchen table in elementary school, where… Read more »

Women & Problem Gambling: The Hidden Addiction Posted On

Thousands of women struggle with problem gambling without their family members know. Find out more why gambling addiction is called the hidden addiction.

How Do I Deal with My Parent’s Gambling Addiction? Posted On

With so many people in New York State becoming addicted to gambling, many more family members and friends are forced to understand gambling addiction and its consequences, as well as how they should deal with the impact a parent’s gambling addiction has on their own lives. If you’re the child of a problem gambler, we… Read more »