Gambling in the Golden Years Posted On

Among adults over the age of 65, gambling is often the most common recreational activity.  Many senior citizens centers offer group trips to area casinos and assisted living facilities offer BINGO for cash nights for residents.  Many seniors enjoy gambling responsibly, but there are groups of seniors who struggle with problem gambling. There are a… Read more »

#PGAM 2015 Comes to an End Posted On

March Madness isn’t the only thing that has come to an end.  Sadly, Problem Gambling Awareness Month has also come to an end. We are inspired by the effort that has gone into raising awareness about problem gambling during the past month. Individuals, organizations and facilities statewide made raising awareness of problem gambling a priority… Read more »

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Week: Have the Conversation! Posted On

Over the past decade the availability of gambling has skyrocketed but acceptance of gambling addiction as a serious public health concern has lagged.  It is estimated that six to eight million Americans meet the criteria for gambling addiction, and that 8-10 people are affected by one individual’s gambling problem. Problem gambling impacts relationships, families, businesses… Read more »

New York Council on Problem Gambling: New Website – New Resources Posted On

If you love KnowTheOdds, then you should take a few minutes to check out the new website for the New York Council on Problem Gambling.  If you’ve visited the NYCPG website in the past, you’ll probably notice that things look a little different now.  We wanted to make our site easier to explore, and better… Read more »

Super Bowl XLIX: Sports Betting & Problem Gambling Posted On

The Super Bowl, one of the most beloved annual sports events, is also one of top sports events for gamblers every year (second maybe only to March Madness). It has been estimated that Americans will place nearly $3.8 billion worth of illegal bets on Super Bowl XLIX.  That’s on top of the nearly $100 million… Read more »