#PGAM 2015 Comes to an End Posted On

March Madness isn’t the only thing that has come to an end.  Sadly, Problem Gambling Awareness Month has also come to an end.

We are inspired by the effort that has gone into raising awareness about problem gambling during the past month. Individuals, organizations and facilities statewide made raising awareness of problem gambling a priority this month, speaking to news outlets and community groups, tweeting information to their audiences and publishing relevant articles to help more people understand gambling addiction. Awareness was raised on television and on the radio, in print ads and in-person.

Just in case you missed us on social media, here are some of the resources we shared with people who want to have the conversation about problem gambling:


Perhaps the most important resource to take note of is the NYS HOPEline – a 24/7 helpline for New Yorkers in need of support or resources for alcohol, drug AND gambling addiction.  If you, or someone you love, needs support for a gambling problem, call 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369).

Millions reached!

Problem Gambling Awareness Month provides millions of people a reminder about this serious addiction and its consequences.  However, until everyone in New York State (that’s 19.75 million people!) knows where to get help for a gambling problem, our job is not done.  Just because Problem Gambling Awareness Month is over, does not mean that we will stop raising awareness. 

Through greater awareness, we can move forward to better help our neighbors affected by gambling addiction.  Where will you start?