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One of the most serious consequences of problem gambling is the effect the accumulating debt has on you, and often, your family. As your gambling addiction progresses, the amount of money lost to bets can strain your ability to pay for necessities such as rent or mortgage, food, utilities and basic transportation.

What is the Cost of Your Problem Gambling?

Without tracking your expenses, you may not yet understand the damage your gambling is doing to your bank account.
Not everyone that gambles is a gambling addict, but many people may be spending more money than they realize. Lottery tickets, poker games and online bets can add up quickly.

When asked, “Where do people gamble?” one of the most common answers that comes to mind is a casino. The truth is that there are gambling opportunities in many places throughout our neighborhoods. You can gamble at home, the grocery store, in bars, at community centers and in more often-visited locations.

KnowTheOdds has launched its first problem gambling infographic, a tool to help you estimate how much money you spend on gambling. Explore Anytown to see the many types of gambling commonly found in New York State towns and throughout much of of the United States.



Whether you gamble or not, it’s important to understand just how widespread gambling is, and how gambling addictions may be affecting your family members, friends or neighbors.

Check out our infographic, and be sure to share it with your social networks. Even if you don’t have a gambling problem, someone you know might be able to identify warning signs of an addiction and help someone before gambling debts grow any larger.

And if you need help, remember the NYS HOPEline is available 24/7. Reach a professional counselor today by calling 1-877-8-HOPENY.