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There is a lot online to read when you want to learn about compulsive gambling, but sometimes, statistics, definitions and reports can be hard to relate to when you’re trying to learn about such a serious problem.

I understand what addiction is, but where do I find a story about someone like me?

How can I be sure other people have had the same problems as what I’m facing?

I’ve gambled for years. Is it ever too late to reach out for help?

I’m not the addict – someone else is. What can I do?

Understanding the risks, signs and consequences is much easier when people are willing to tell stories of their own experiences. That’s why we’ve published “The Faces of Problem Gambling,” [PDF] a collection of true stories told by people who have dealt with gambling addiction. People like you.

In our latest e-book, you’ll read about problem gambling from different perspectives. You’ll hear of seeking “the big win,” facing even bigger losses, dealing with consequences on relationships and careers, and most importantly, how people sought treatment and stopped gambling.

Learn from the following people:

The Career Gambler: Read the story of a problem gambler who worked for an extremely wealthy and powerful gambler for many years. His story discusses the effect a gambling addiction can have on your family and friends and the importance of seeking help, and it provides proof that you can stop gambling and stay in recovery for 30 years… and beyond.

The Gambler Turned Coach: A young woman begins to be affected by the consequences of problem gambling as a college student, and her situation worsens in the years that follow. Read the story of a woman who recognizes she is an addict, seeks help, and now helps others recover from their own addictions.

The Spouse: Problem gambling affects more than just the person gambling. Read a story of gambling addiction told by the wife of a man who lost more than a million dollars while also losing the respect and trust of many family members and friends.

The Daughter: Adults aren’t the only ones affected by problem gambling. This daughter shares her story of how her mother’s gambling hurt her family, and how they worked together to recover.

The Counselor: Raising awareness that help is available is extremely important. One New York State counselor discusses what happens when a gambling addict reaches out for treatment, and how recovery can be achieved.

These stories are for people questioning their own gambling, for people who know they have a gambling problem, and for people who think others around them may be addicted. They are stories for people who want to raise awareness of gambling addiction by educating others about the risks and signs of compulsive gambling. They are stories for people who think they are alone, so that they know they are not. They bring you the real faces of problem gambling [PDF download].

We hope that these stories encourage people to reach out for the counseling and treatment they need to recover and to begin rebuilding their lives. As always, help is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by calling the New York State HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369).