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As the holidays are approaching, many people begin to scramble looking for different types of gifts to give to the people that they love. As people get more and more desperate, they may think of getting a scratch off ticket for a teen, especially to put in stockings and cards.   These gifts are meant for adults, and they can have some serious consequences for youth.  A scratch off ticket to a teen is a way to introduce teens to gambling, and may reinforce their belief that gambling is a safe, acceptable activity for someone their age.

Youth Gambling (KTO eB- Y)

Source: Know The Odds The Dangers of Youth Gambling Addiction eBook

Many family members don’t find a problem with their teen gambling, because they believe that it’s better than drinking, doing drugs, or any other illegal activity. What most parents don’t know is that teens are nearly twice as likely to become problem gamblers, and gambling has a strong link with other risky behaviors such as drinking, drug use, and other illegal activities.  

PG Stat- Related Conditions (KTO eB- SS)

Source: Know The Odds Staying Safe eBook.

Risky behaviors lead to other risky behaviors.

Teens are an especially high risk group for problem gambling because of their developing mind. The high excitement low risk activity of scratch offs, or any other type of gambling, is very attractive to the young mind. It’s important to make sure that we are giving our teens gifts that are exciting for them, but also healthy for the developing minds. If you’re unsure what to get your youth as a stocking stuffer, below is a list of different gift opportunities.

  •    Holiday Chocolate
  •    Character watches
  •    Playing cards
  •    Store-specific gift cards
  •    Dress-up jewelry
  •    Mini character figurines
  •    Headphones
  •    Key Chains
  •    Stickers
  •    Socks

Keeping our teens educated and safe is the job of everyone in their community.  Whether your family, a friend, or you work with teens, if you’re invited to a holiday celebration of any kind with a teen, you are one of their important community members.  Let’s all work together to ensure that the holiday season is a safe time for them!