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When we talk about gambling addiction and recovery, we recognize that it is a family disease. Partners and spouses are greatly impacted by their loved ones’ problematic gambling. If your partner has a gambling problem, then so do you. You are likely feeling anger and frustrated or fearful. Partners of a person with a gambling problem often feel like they have to hide and keep this a secret.  You need to know this: You are NOT alone and you do NOT need to keep this to yourself.  One of the side effects of problem gambling is that family members/partners tend to isolate themselves because they don’t know that there is help for them. There is help for partners, even if your loved one isn’t ready and willing to start changing their own gambling behaviors.  


There is help available. Calling the PGRC in your area can get you connected to a variety of resources to help you as the partner start your own recovery journey. There are ways to start protecting your finances and we can connect you to the right people to help.  There are also age-appropriate ways to talk to your children about what is happening in the family. They might not know what is happening, but it is very likely they can feel your stress and may be experiencing their own. Visit Don’ for learn ways to talk with your children about problematic gambling that is happening in their lives.  

What to Expect  

When you call the PGRC ( you can expect to talk to a person in your region of the state. Phones are answered from 9-5 M-F, but if you call outside of those hours, just leave a message and we’ll get back to you. When you talk to someone at the PGRC, they will give you an opportunity to share what’s going on. They will also help you decide what services are right for you, and will even set your first appointment with a counselor. Our counselors have specific (and ongoing) training in helping people impacted by problem gambling. If you don’t have health insurance, the cost of your session will be covered by our program. You can even set up a telehealth appointment to cut out travel or other barriers to appointments.  

Focus on Your Recovery 

Partners deserve recovery! For so many people who’s partners have a gambling problem, they think that until the gambling stops, there is no way for their situation to improve. But, there are ways to help improve your own situation, even if your loved one isn’t willing to stop gambling.  You can learn different ways to talk with your partner about their gambling, or to address issues that come up because of the gambling. You can get help to make sure that your finances and assets like your home are aren’t going to be put at risk. You deserve to have time to talk about your stress and frustration so that you can cope in healthy ways.  

Some people with a gambling problem are starting to treatment or following other paths to recovery and their partners and families shouldn’t be left behind. Because gambling addiction affects the whole family, the whole family needs to work to recover together. Start rebuilding trust that was lost, having fun experiences together, learning something new together, get involved in your community together.  

There are many pathways to recovery for families. Reach out so you can discover yours. You deserve to find recovery and live well.