KnowTheOdds Launches New English and Spanish Problem Gambling Education Resources Posted On

New York Council on Problem Gambling is pleased to announce the launch of new English and Spanish-language resources to educate the public about gambling addiction, help problem gamblers find the treatment they need and prevent future addictions from beginning.

Spanish-Language KnowTheOdds

Over the past year, has released several educational resources to raise awareness about problem gambling in New York State and throughout the world. Our blog posts, ebooks, videos and other materials have been shared by counselors and organizations to help people understand the warning signs of problem gambling, its consequences ad how we can help people in our communities.

Now, you can find KnowTheOdds’ e-books, videos, gambling support directory and more available in Spanish by visiting Here, we hope to encourage Spanish-speaking problem gamblers to learn more about finding the support they need, and we seek to raise awareness among Spanish-speaking communities.

As always, the NYS HOPEline is available for callers speaking both English and Spanish. Support can be reached 24 hours per day, 7 days per week by calling 1-877-8-HOPENY.

The Path Of Problem Gambling Infographic

We’ve written a lot about problem gambling, but sometimes, it’s hard to understand stories without visual help. “The Path of Problem Gambling” is KnowTheOdds’ brand new interactive infographic. Walk through the early stages of gambling addictions, from common causes and signs to common consequences, and learn more about how to seek treatment and begin recovery.

With this infographic, we hope more people will understand problem gambling. It’s not poor decision-making and irresponsible gambling – it’s a recognized addiction, just as alcoholism and drug abuse are.

New KnowTheOdds Animated Videos

All kinds of storytelling methods impact people, and at KnowTheOdds, we know video can make a tremendous difference. This month, we’re sharing two new animated videos to raise awareness about problem gambling. We invite our friends to help us raise awareness by sharing “Mirrors” and “Friends and Family” across social networks – together, we can inform more people about problem gambling and the help that is available.

Our Gambling Addiction Awareness Work Is Not Done

National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is over, but we’re still working to teach more people about problem gambling every day. We invite you to join us – whether you teach one person or one hundred, it can make a difference in the lives of many.