Summer is for Recovery! Posted On

Summer is finally here, and it’s a great time to focus on recovery!  From walking a dog to planting a garden, many people are out and about doing outdoor summer activities .  This is the perfect opportunity to engage, or reengage, in activities that can change our lives and help us stay in recovery.

“How can outdoor activities help my recovery?

Many times, people forget the great feeling they received, as children, when they were actively participating in their favorite outdoor activities.  Children enjoy the physical activities because these activities were having a positive effect on their body and their mind.  As we exercise, our bodies produce positive hormones that help flush out the negative ones.  If we engage in activities that take time, and make us feel better, these activities will be on our mind more often.  Therefore, this could be a piece towards success in our recovery.

“Why should I consider outdoor activities to help my recovery?”

By engaging in new activities, you can give your mind and body a boost of excitement.  When you find the activities you enjoy, you can continue that feeling of excitement by planning the next time you’ll engage in the activity.  If you’re spending time thinking about and engaging in positive activities, then this can help deter us from thinking about our addictions and keep us on the road to recovery.  These healthier outdoor activities can help replace our addictions!

“Well, I’d love to, but I’m really out of shape.  How could I participate?”

Finding the right activities doesn’t necessarily mean finding the hardest ones.  Some people love the challenge of fast, or long, runs.  Many others do not.  Below is a list of different summer activities that you can engage in to enjoy the summer and boost your attitude about life and recovery.

  • Bike Riding-  Being outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, and looking at nature can be very nurturing.  Not only will you be receiving the physical benefit of exercise, but seeing nature has been found to bring calmness and a positive mindset.
  • Planting a garden- Even gardening a small garden requires physical activity. Additional to the physical activity is the feeling of accomplishment.  You’ll be able to watch your efforts flourish, which will offer a feeling of calmness and pride.  Plus, you’ll have more fresh, healthy food to eat; and healthy food helps us have a healthier mind that makes healthy choices.
  • Play a sport- You can play a traditional sport like baseball or basketball, or non traditional sports like hacky sack or frisbee golf. Many sports can be practiced, or played, alone or with others.  It doesn’t matter what sport you choose to do as long as you enjoy playing it.  If you enjoy the sport you choose to do, you’ll get more exercise for your body and mind.  The more you get out, the better you’ll feel!  

Enjoy the summer because it can be a great time to develop additional positive activities that will, hopefully, lead to more healthy choices.  The more healthy options we have to choose from the easier it will be to begin, or remain in, recovery!