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Thanksgiving has passed, and there were many things for everyone to be thankful for.  If you’re struggling with problem gambling, it may have been difficult finding things to be thankful for. There may have been family members who expressed unhappy feelings about your gambling. There may have been more past-due notices to remind you that you’re financially struggling due to gambling.  There may have been lies, you felt shameful for telling, to hide the secrets around your problem gambling.  If we take a look at these issues through a positive lense, these may be things to be thankful for.

Thankful Reason 1

The first thing you should be thankful for is the fact that you’re aware of these things.  These are all red flags that you may be struggling with problem gambling.  The best part is that there are qualified treatment providers who are eagerly awaiting your call for help.   

Thankful Reason 2

The second thing to be thankful for is the NYSHOPEline.  The HOPEline number is 1-877-8-HOPENY (1-877-846-7369).  The HOPEline is an easy phone call that will connect you with a qualified treatment professional who will help guide you, with your assistance, in the treatment direction that you both decide may be best for you.  It’s a simple phone call, and the people you talk to will be respectful and nonjudgmental; especially, since they know that by just making the call, you’re taking your first step in the right direction.  

Thankful Reason 3

The third thing to be thankful for would be the unhappy family members.  This may seem like a crazy thought, but those family members are only showing disapproval because they love you. They’re probably showing their disapproval towards your gambling because they see how it’s changed you.  They see how gambling has hurt you and other loved ones around them.  They feel how your gambling has hurt them, but they still love you and want you to get better.  They show disapproval because they love you and they want to be a part of your recovery from problem gambling.  So, one reason to strive for recovery from problem gambling could be to help be a part of the healing in your family.  Therefore, although seeing loved ones unhappy is hard, be thankful they’re not hiding their feelings.

Thankful Reason 4

The fourth thing to be thankful for would be those past-due notices that are overwhelmingly stressful to receive. They are a great wakeup call for people struggling with problem gambling. They are a constant reminder that gambling is not helping solve your financial problems, but, instead, making them worse.  They are a constant reminder that the life you’re currently living needs change, and can change, for the better.  Take a look at those reminders and say to yourself, “I am going to make a call to the HOPEline because I look forward to being excited to receive mail!”

Thankful Reason 5

One last thing to be thankful for is the feeling of shame.  Feelings are a great way to help us navigate ourselves through our lives.  Your feelings are a great way to know if you’re doing what is right for yourself or not.  If you’re feeling shame about telling lies, then perhaps you need to stop telling lies.  If you feel you need to lie about your gambling activities, then maybe these gambling activities are not healthy for you or your family.  And, most importantly, if you’re not sure if your gambling is a problem or not, call the HOPEline and ask them to help you find out.  

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Always keep in mind, if gambling is causing problems in your life, you might be struggling with problem gambling, and there is help 24/7 on the HOPEline!