Problem Gambling: Talking to Your Loved Ones Posted On

Problem gambling can reach far beyond the individual struggling with gambling.  Aside from financial consequences, problem gambling can lead to loss of trust and respect, and deteriorating relationships.  Problem gambling can affect our mental and physical health, leading to depression, anxiety, respiratory problems, and migraines, to name a few.  Problem gambling can even lead a person… Read more »

Problem Gambling: Reaching Out For Help Posted On

If you’re a person struggling with gambling, and you’re reading this, you may have come to believe that your gambling is no longer for fun and entertainment.  You may think that your gambling is causing problems in your life and you’d like to find out if you have a problem, and, wondering what you can… Read more »

Problem Gambling Awareness Posted On

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not daily fantasy sports is legally defined as gambling.  The bottom line is that daily fantasy sports, just like gambling, is meant to be a form of entertainment.  Not every gambler struggles with problem gambling, but every problem gambler struggles with their addiction, and it… Read more »

New Year’s Resolution: Recovery from Gambling Addiction Posted On

Happy New Year, everyone!  The time has come for many resolutions to begin.  Unfortunately, many people lose sight of their resolutions before the end of January, and if your resolution has anything to do with recovery from gambling addiction, then you want to make sure to stay on track. The first thing to keep in… Read more »

Gambling in the Golden Years Posted On

Among adults over the age of 65, gambling is often the most common recreational activity.  Many senior citizens centers offer group trips to area casinos and assisted living facilities offer BINGO for cash nights for residents.  Many seniors enjoy gambling responsibly, but there are groups of seniors who struggle with problem gambling. There are a… Read more »

#PGAM 2015 Comes to an End Posted On

March Madness isn’t the only thing that has come to an end.  Sadly, Problem Gambling Awareness Month has also come to an end. We are inspired by the effort that has gone into raising awareness about problem gambling during the past month. Individuals, organizations and facilities statewide made raising awareness of problem gambling a priority… Read more »