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The Super Bowl is right around the corner.  It’s important to be aware of the trigger this game may have, and the negative affect gambling on this game may have on the person gambling and their loved ones. 

Sports and Problem Gambling

Betting on sports is gambling.  It’s gambling because there’s no way to know for sure what team or player will do well.  They may have injuries or illnesses, and they may just may not do as well as they have other times.   Therefore, anyone who puts money on the big game is gambling.  They are risking their money on the chance that the game or player will do well to earn more money.  Like all forms of gambling, there is no guarantee to know the outcome of the game.

Gambling on the big game is not necessary to enjoy the game.  Many people across the US enjoy the game as a game, not as a gambling opportunity.  

Problem Gambling and the Super Bowl

Gambling on the Super Bowl is portrayed by some people as “normal.”  This makes it very difficult for some people trying to avoid gambling to enjoy the big game.  Plus, for people who gamble often, hearing these messages may lead them to bet more money than usual.  Therefore, the big game is the time when gambling problems may be at their worst.  Some signs that gambling may be a problem for a person and their loved ones include:

  • Money may go missing as the person gambling may be betting more money than usual.
  • Relationships may struggle as the person gambling may be neglecting their loved ones while focusing on the big game.
  • Work may be slipping since people in the workplace may be focused more on their wagers for the big game than work responsibilities. 

Hope and Help

While this time of year may be the hardest for those struggling with gambling problems, there are resources and support available to all.  Anyone looking to learn more can visit, and anyone looking for help can visit their local Problem Gambling Resource Center

The Know The Odds campaign exists to educate the public about problem gambling.  This site offers resources, such as eBooks, infographics.  These resources help educate the public on problem gambling, answering questions such as what it is, what it looks like and what help is available.  

Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs) are open across New York State.  These centers have staff to raise awareness and educate the public about problem gambling and connect those negatively affected by problem gambling to local services.  One call can start the path to help and hope for a better future. 

While this may be an exciting time to enjoy a football game, the big game can have a negative effect on people and families negatively affected by problem gambling.  We encourage anyone who may be negatively affected to reach out to learn more and connect with help if needed.  Remember, you are not alone, and help is available.