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You’ve identified the signs of problem gambling and it starts to make sense: You might have a gambling problem. You need to talk to someone. But how do you find support? Are there gambling addiction centers available? Where are they located?

When you make the decision to seek help, you’ll have many questions about the type of help available. But most important, you’ll want to know who will provide the space necessary for you to openly and honestly address your gambling addiction, without fear of embarrassment, judgment or punishment.

Problem gambling affects hundreds of thousands of people in New York State, and statewide, there are gambling addiction centers ready to support your recovery, or the recovery of one of your loved ones.

Providers of problem gambling treatment are specially trained to understand gambling addiction including potential causes and consequences, how certain environments and lifestyles encourage continued gambling and how to help you develop a plan for dealing with your financial problems. Overall they’ll work with you to find the best methods for you or your loved one to reduce the harm caused by gambling in your life.

Look for Gambling Addiction Support

There are multiple gambling addiction treatment centers throughout the state of New York ready to help you understand how severe the addiction is, as well as the best steps to take to move toward recovery.

As you begin to research your support options, from self help and individualized counseling to group therapy, you’ll need to think about the following factors that can play a role in deciding what gambling addiction center and services may be the best choices for you:

  • Do I already acknowledge that I have a gambling problem?
    Am I willing to talk to a counselor?
  • If so, do I want to do it alone?
  • Would I be comfortable talking about my gambling to a group of others who gamble as well?
  • Do I want my family members to join me in discussions about my gambling?
  • Have my gambling problems affected my employment, finances, physical health or other parts of my life that now need to be fixed, as well?<l/i>
  • Do I struggle with other addictions outside of gambling?

Answering those questions can give you and your potential counselors a better idea of what you need. When you are ready to reach out for help we don’t want you wasting any extra time by struggling to find your options. There are multiple ways to easily reach help located near you, so you can be on the road to recovery immediately.

Have you visited the KnowTheOdds Gambling Support Directory? Listed in the resource section is a guide to a number of centers that offer support and treatment opportunities to problem gamblers so you can quickly find the center nearest you. Find individual counseling opportunities, group discussions, counseling for couples and families. Research centers associated with problem gambling that offer extending services such as mental health/psychiatric support, employment and educational guidance, financial and legal counseling, and medical assistance.

Prefer to speak to someone directly and right now? Remember that counselors are available to answer your call and your question 24 hours per day, 7 days per week: 1-877-8-HOPENY.

If your or someone you love needs help, the time to seek that help is now.