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You’ve gambled, and you’ve seen your money and property disappear.

You’re tired of losing possessions to gambling games, funds for groceries to lottery tickets and hours of every day to compulsive gambling.

You know you have a gambling addiction, and you’re ready to get help to end it.

But how?

Getting Help For Problem Gambling for You or a Loved One

Whether you’re at risk for problem gambling, already are problem gambling, or have become a pathological gambler with extreme and constant gambling activity, help is available. No matter the level of your gambling addiction, you will not be turned away when you reach out for counseling, group support or other gambling prevention resources.

But maybe it’s not you doing the gambling.

Maybe it’s your loved one. Your family member or friend. And you want to help them, but you don’t know how. Maybe the gambling addiction of your loved one is hurting your own wellbeing.

If you see the signs of a gambling addiction, we want you to be supported in your efforts to help your loved one. There are many problem gambling support options for the people affected by gambling addictions of others.

How to Get Help for Problem Gambling

Gambling treatment is available. You just need to know where to find it and take the step to pursue it. We know reaching out for help is no small task. If you are seeking to end your own gambling, trained counselors educated in problem gambling can help guide you through a recovery specific tailored to understanding your gambling triggers and the consequences of your gambling. If you need help understanding and dealing with the gambling addiction of another, counselors will be there to guide you to support for people affected by others’ addictions.

The HOPEline

By calling the New York State HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY, you will find the help you need to end your gambling problem. Counselors are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, to take your call and help you determine how to find gambling treatment options near you.

Gambling Support Directory

Throughout New York State, there are a number of organizations that provide counseling and support services to people struggling with gambling addictions. The Gambling Support Directory provides a list of organizations located in New York State counties with organization details, websites, addresses and contact information. Use the Gambling Support Directory to find an organization that fits your needs near you.

Understanding Problem Gambling e-book

If you are not sure you’re ready to make the call yet, read the Understanding Problem Gambling [PDF] e-book to learn more about the signs and consequences of problem gambling, as well as the different types of help available. Learn about self-help programs, step-based programs, motivational interviewing, peer support and more.

Ready to get help? Calling the HOPEline is the quickest way to get started. Call: 1-877-8-HOPENY.


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