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Graduation Gift

Graduation season is underway, and many families want to support their loved ones as they graduate from school.  Many people want to be able to offer their support, in the form of money, as a graduation gift to help the graduate get off to a stronger start in their career and life.  It is a wonderful thing to want to offer your hard earned money to help a younger person start their life.  

When loved ones are not in the position to give money, or the amount they’d like to give, they may give scratch-off tickets in cards, hoping the graduate will win more than they were able to give.  Although they have a good motive, they may be giving a scratch-off ticket to a graduate who is an underage youth without knowing the risks youth face with gambling.

Is it Just a Gift?

First of all, a scratch-off ticket is a form of gambling.  There is someone’s money at risk on the chance that the ticket may be a winner.  We know that a person means well when they offer a scratch-off ticket as a gift, but keep in mind the risks involved for our underage youth.   

Due to the fact that their brains are still developing, they are risk-takers.  Their peers place a large roll on their choices, and they’re not developmentally able to make healthy choices, yet. Youth are nearly twice as likely to develop a gambling problem than an adult because of their stage of development. 

People tend to have more appreciation for things they earn, than for gifts.

Although families want to give a financial gift of support, that isn’t the only way to support a graduate.  Graduates need to find their way through life.  The path to success is so much sweeter when earned, rather than given as a gift.  Youth could reap far more benefits from guidance than money; especially since people tend to have more appreciation for things they earn than for gifts.  

How Can You Help?

Being a support to a graduate is a huge help.  Offer guidance to a graduate when they ask for it, but don’t dictate what they should do.  This will help them stumble upon their true passions, and find pride in who they become.  

Although, for many people, offering scratch-off tickets is a “typical” gift, it may not be the best option for an underage youth.  Let’s show our youth that money is a nice help, but not the only way to show support.