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September is Recovery Month! During Recovery Month we promote and support our recovery community and the dedication of service providers. Recovery is something to be celebrated, but it also means commitment, lifestyle changes, on-going support, and much more.  

An important part of recovery can be your treatment plan. It can help to solidify your commitment to lifestyle changes and stay on track in your recovery. Know the Odds can help you work to figure out a plan. Some changes may be hard, but your path to recovery is worth it.  

Identifying Your Gambling Triggers  

One thing to think about is what triggers you to gamble. There are a variety of reasons that people gamble. It could be for stress release, boredom, the need for more money or a desire for distractions.  

By identifying why, you gamble, it can help you to understand it. Once you understand it, it can help you when you have the urge to gamble. Identifying your why can help you to think about what other healthy ways you can spend time with yourself. Healthy ways you can spend time with yourself may include exercise, taking up a new hobby, or learning a new skill.

Educating Your Family and Friends  

Gambling does not only affect the individual, but it also can cause harm to your family and friends. It can be important to talk with them about the harm that gambling has caused. While your gambling may have hurt them, their support can help you during your recovery. Let them know what you need from them and explain to them what leads you to gamble.  

Not sure how to talk to them? Know the Odds has many resources about understanding gambling addiction.  

Making Necessary Lifestyle Changes  

Recovery is not an easy road, and you may need to make lifestyle changes to support your recovery pathway. This could include changing the people that you hang out with. It could also mean finding new activities to fill your time or finding different ways to manage your stress. Gambling may have been something you used to do to cope with things that come up in your life, but recovery means finding healthy alternatives that help you. 

Support When Urges Arise  

Most importantly know that there is support for you when you need it. Lean on your family, friends, therapists or support group when you are having a difficult time. If you are looking for more support The New York Problem Gambling Resources Centers have a variety of resources available to you on your recovery journey. You can connect with them by visiting For more information about Staying Safe After Problem Gambling, read the Know the Odds E-Book HERE.