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Though there are still a few weeks of March Madness ahead of us, the 2014 National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is nearing its end.

We are inspired by the effort that has gone into raising awareness about problem gambling during the past few weeks. Individuals and organizations nationwide made raising awareness of problem gambling a priority this month, speaking to news outlets and community groups, tweeting information to their audiences and publishing relevant articles to help more people understand gambling addiction. Awareness was raised on television and on the radio, in print ads and in-person.

We saw news articles published throughout the country such as:

And tweets such as:


There were even videos such as FellowshipHR’s problem gambling awareness video.

At KnowTheOdds, we strive to raise awareness about problem gambling and the help available for people addicted or at-risk. We thank the organizations that join us in this mission for all their hard work this month.

Addicted to Gambling? You Are Not Alone.

If you’re a problem gambler, we hope you realize that you are not alone. Problem gambling affects people worldwide, and that is why there are so many seeking to prevent new addictions from beginning and provide more treatment options for those in need.

National Problem Gambling Awareness Month provides millions of people a reminder about this serious addiction and its consequences. Through greater awareness, we can move forward to better help our neighbors affected by gambling addiction.

Just because our awareness month is coming to a close does not mean we’ll stop this work. We invite you to join us – learn how you can raise awareness of problem gambling in your community.

If you’re in need of gambling addiction treatment and recovery support, the NYS HOPEline will answer your phone call at any time. Call 1-877-8-HOPENY to talk to a professional counselor who can direct you to the help you need.

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Prevention Lane

Great summary of NPGAM! It’s exciting to see awareness growing in our small field…years ago, there were only a few voices talking about problem gambling.

While NPGAM is still in effect, we want to put out a shameless plug to vote for your favorite video of our PGAM video contest finalists:

Thanks for all you’re doing, Know the Odds! New York has really taken off in the past couple of years. Exciting to watch your work. Cheers!

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