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As a new year begins, many people are embarking upon a New Year’s Resolution.  Making a New Year’s resolution is as important as keeping the resolution for the year.   Perhaps the resolution to make and keep is to seek help for problem gambling

Problem Gambling and the Holiday Season

Nearly everyone has spent the holiday season with loved ones doing holiday activities, which is wonderful.  For some people, the holidays can act as a distraction from gambling.  For others, the holiday season can trigger a person to increase their gambling as they use gambling do to escape or cope with stress.  During this time, the negative effects of their gambling may have become more apparent. 

Many people revert to their pre-holiday season habits, which may include problem gambling.  It may also include the loved one of a problem gambler continuing to struggle with the negative effects of problem gambling.   If those adversely affected by problem gambling felt alone prior to the holidays, they may still be struggling to deal with the negative effects of someone else’s problem gambling on their own. 

A Positive Path for the New Year

Being with other people during the holiday season feels good.  Whether shopping together, planning or cooking meals together, or setting up homes for the holiday and holiday celebrations, being together brings a peace and joy to the season.  Bring that feeling of community into the new year by seeking help for guidance and assistance in dealing with adverse effects of problem gambling and learn how to open up to other loved ones for additional support.  This community of support can help alleviate the feeling of being alone, help identify potential triggers, and continue some of the distractions avoid gambling pit falls.  A community of loved ones can help in recovering from the adverse effects of someone’s problem gambling.

A Start on that Positive Path

Additional help can come in different forms.  Find a professional or organized group to help recover from the adverse effects of problem gambling.  Seek the guidance to learn how to continue loving the person struggling with problem gambling, whether that person’s a loved one or yourself.  Seek assistance in learning more about problem gambling and what you can do about the negative effects from it.  And find peace knowing there’s a community awaiting your call and presence to know that you’re not alone, and that there is hope for the 2018 year. 

Learning what help is available may be as easy as visiting our Find Help page.  There is help, there is hope, and there is a future for everyone free of the negative effects of problem gambling. 

Perhaps, this year, the first step is a New Year’s Resolution to seek the available guidance and assistance available.  Find the help you’ve been looking for to make the 2018 year a turn for the better as you learn more about, and how to deal with, the effects of problem gambling in your life.