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Happy New Year Everyone!  We’re nearing the end of January, and at this point, many people may have already dropped their New Years resolutions.  If your resolution was to stop gambling, or to support someone who’s made this decision, fear not.  Tips and tricks to keeping resolutions are ahead.

Understanding Your Resolution

When someone decides on a New Year’s resolution, they have decided to do so because they were unhappy about something in their life.  Self-improvement is an important aspect of growth and helps an ever-growing sense of positive self-esteem.  For those struggling with gambling problems, this desire for self-improvement can be to:

  • Improve financial wellbeing after losing money to gambling.
  • Mend relationships with loved ones broken while focusing on gambling.
  • Regain a foothold in a career that may have been affected by gambling problems.

Keeping these reasons in mind can help continue with the resolution to stop gambling.  These reasons can act as the fuel to push through tough times and stay on track to avoid future issues with problem gambling. 

What is Problem Gambling?

Problem gambling is the umbrella term for any time gambling causes problems in someone’s life.  Problem gambling can affect anyone at any time in their life.  Some people can make changes in their life to avoid future gambling problems, and others need to seek support services for help with problem gambling.  Whether or not you decide to seek support services, 

Lifestyle Changes

People in your life can either support or hinder your resolution.  Take time to identify those who you regularly gamble with.  You can start by asking them to partake in activities that are not gambling related with you.  Some will, some won’t and may be offended that you no longer wish to participate in gambling with them.  Stay positive and focus your time on the people who choose to support your decision to stop gambling.  Your support group can make a huge difference.

Emotion management is important as well.  Many people who struggle with problem gambling say that their emotions can be a trigger to gamble.  Whether their emotional trigger is stress and anxiety or excitement and happiness, their emotions may have started their desire to choose to gamble.  This means they choose to gamble more often when they have strong emotions.  Therefore, it’s important to identify ways to manage these feelings before you feel them.  Whether this is connecting with people in your life, going for a walk, reading a book, or watching tv, you need to identify ways to manage your response to emotions. 

Making new goals can be a fantastic way to focus on your resolution to stop gambling.  While you’ve decided to stop gambling, making other goals to help fill that time and avoid the trigger of boredom can help.  Some ideas could be starting a new exercise routine, making a list of books to read and reading them, places you’d like to visit, and starting new crafts/skills.  All these activities take time, time that was previously devoted to gambling.  New goals help fill the time, help focus the mind on positive alternatives, and help to connect with new people who may open doors to other new activities.

Additional Support Services

While there is an increasing number of services available for help, how can you find them all, and how do you know what to choose?  The answer is the Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs).  Across New York State, regional PGRCs are up and running and waiting for your call.  They’ll help you understand all the possible services and support available in your area, and help you decide where to start.  To connect with your regional PGRC, visit

Making the resolution to stop gambling can be a life-changing decision.  Any life-changing decision will be a journey, and all journeys are easier with the right people, the right tools, and the right plan.  We wish you the best of luck, and hope you reach out for help anytime along the way.