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You are not alone.  You are not alone in your fears, in your addictions, or in your self-doubt.  You are never alone.  You may not have found the right people who are going through, or went through, what you’re going through yet, but they are out there.  

Gambling addiction is often referred to as the “hidden addiction.”

Many times with gambling disorder, as with any other addictions, people feel as though they are alone in their addiction, but they’re not.  Gambling addiction is often referred to as the “hidden addiction” because it is easy to hide since there are no obvious, physical signs (such as an alcohol addiction expressing itself in a person being drunk).  Many people are struggling with gambling disorder, and many others are in recovery.  Those in recovery can offer light at the end of the tunnel, and those just beginning recovery can work with you as you take your first steps into, or back into, recovery.  

You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.”

As you begin to enter recovery from gambling disorder, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You’re not alone. Some people are struggling, too, and others have made it through the hardest part of the struggle towards recovery.  
  • You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel.” Find people who have gone through recovery, who are going through it, a professional who can guide you through it, or find all three.  
  • There are people eagerly awaiting the next person to say, “I have a gambling problem, and I need help,” because they want to help. Many people want to know that their struggle with gambling disorder isn’t just a rough patch in their life, but can be used as guidance for others recovering from their own gambling disorder.  

Help is available

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you, or someone you love, may be struggling with gambling disorder.  If you’re not sure, or don’t know where to turn, call the New York State HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (or 1-877-846-7369).  A trained clinician will help point you in the direction of help in your area, and help guide you towards the best recovery option available for your lifestyle.  If you’re uncomfortable calling, and don’t know what to expect, check out our blog on calling the NYS HOPEline!


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