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Recovery from problem gambling is not only possible, but many people who once struggled with problem gambling have learned to enjoy peaceful, joyful lives free of gambling in recovery.  If one person can do it, then anyone can do it.  That doesn’t mean the path to recovery is easy, but anything worth having takes effort!

“The path of 1,000 miles

begins with a single step.”

~Loa Zu

As with anything in life, the path to recovery can be broken down into many steps, or actions to take.  Here, we’ll discuss some of the actions people can take on their journey to recovery.  

Identify that There Is A Problem

If someone struggling with problem gambling doesn’t believe they have a gambling problem, they will not be ready to take action towards recovery.  Having open, welcoming discussions about gambling behaviors, and the negative impacts on friends and family, is a great place to start raising awareness about someone’s problem gambling.

Image showing quote "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." attributed to Albert Einstein
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Learn about Problem Gambling

The most important thing is to be as knowledgeable about the problem as possible.  Researching what problem gambling is, how it affects those struggling and their loved ones, and finding available resources is a fantastic step in the right direction.  The more you understand about problem gambling, the better the conversations will be, and the more supportive loved ones can become.  When someone struggles with problem gambling, everyone who loves that person is affected, so educating all loved ones connected is a great way to help develop empathy, supportive grieving, and a plan for recovery.

Recovery takes practice, patience and guidance.  

Find Help

There are many different ways to get help.  There are treatment centers and clinicians trained to help with the specific issues associated with problem gambling.  There are also a number of self-help groups  that have people who have gone through the struggle and  have found peace and joy in life without gambling, and are excited to help others on their journey to recovery.  The best way to find help, and identify what help is best, is to contact the New York State HOPEline at 1-877-8-HOPENY (or 1-877-846-7369).  

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A Journey is Lifelong, but Exciting

The road to recovery is not a straight line, but a scrambled journey of triumphs and struggles to learn from.  There’s always a new conversation to have about problem gambling, there’s always more to learn, and there’s always someone new who can offer unique ideas and fresh guidance for a more successful recovery journey.  With the right attitude and the right support, recovery can be the journey your life has been missing.