Is Your Loved One In Recovery From Problem Gambling? Posted On

Congrats!  A loved one choosing to enter into recovery from problem gambling has taken their first step to change their life.  During this time, your loved one may experience many positive emotions as they find trust in their support, hope for their future and enthusiasm for the journey.  All these feelings can create a sense of excitement among everyone involved.

Since they have made this decision, you need to be aware that the road ahead may be paved with challenges.  Preparing yourself for this journey is important if you plan to support your loved one.

Gambling Triggers

Going from a gambling lifestyle to a gambling-free lifestyle will require change.  Before your loved one makes these changes, they’ll need to know their gambling triggers.  Knowing the triggers, and preparing for them, will help those in recovery make the right lifestyle changes to creating a gambling-free future.  Some gambling triggers can include:

  • Socializing with specific people
  • Stressful situations or people
  • Celebrations of good news
  • Desperation to get out of a financial crisis

Supporting Your Loved One

As a loved one to someone struggling with problem gambling, it’s important to make lifestyle changes, too. During this time, you can find supportive people to socialize with, new ways to celebrate successes and new places to spend time.  You and your loved one can create an environment and develop social circles that are gambling-free, together.  Making these changes together will help your loved one stay on track and help you two grow together during this amazing journey.

Educational Resources About Recovery

The recovery process will have challenges for everyone.  As your loved one begins their recovery, it’s important for you to know as much as you can about this journey.

Understanding Problem Gamblingis an e-book available to learn more about problem gambling.  Learn what it is, risk factors, consequences and warning signs. This e-book stands as a great introduction of what problem gambling is, and what steps you can begin to take to get help. 

Staying Safe After Problem Gamblingis an e-book that offers information about the problem gambling recovery process.  In this book you can expect to learn about creating a treatment plan, dealing with consequences and problems, identifying triggers, educating loved ones about recovery, necessary lifestyle changes, avoiding other addictive activities, and getting help.

NYProblemGamblingHELP.orgis the home to all NYS Problem Gambling Resource Centers (PGRCs).  These regional PGRCs offer different services to help those in need.  These services include educational tools, trainings, referrals to local assessment and treatment providers, and more.  The regional PGRCs offer tools, guidance and connections to those struggling with problem gambling, and loved ones who are affected by someone’s gambling. 

We hope you and your loved take the opportunity to make recovery from problem gambling a great journey. Take the time to enjoy this new life together.