A Thank You to Veterans Posted On

Veterans day is a wonderful time to give thanks for the liberties that they have offered their time, and lives, to help protect.  They are a greatly valued, yet sometimes underappreciated, group of wonderful people.  Don’t forget that they’ve given to us, but, now, they may need us; with that said, they may also be in need.

Veterans handle their emotions in much the same way that you and I handle them including healthy ways such as counseling and meditation, and not so healthy ways such as substance abuse and problem gambling. 

If you are concerned that a veteran you know may be struggling with problem gambling, here are some red flags to look for:

  • Borrowing money
  • Always thinking/talking about gambling
  • Complaining about not having any money
  • Spending more time gambling

If you, or anyone you know, may be struggling with an addiction to gambling, check out our video titled He’s Not the Same, which focuses on the struggles of veterans dealing with grief and an addiction to gambling. 


You can also call the NYS HOPEline, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more support or information

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Remember, Veterans Day is a great day to offer appreciation, and help, if necessary.