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Problem gambling can happen anywhere and affect anyone.  The work place is no exception.  Problem gambling is a work place problem, but you can actively help colleagues and improve the work atmosphere.

Problems in the Work Place

The work place is intended to be a place of production.  In an ideal world, everyone would come to work, do their duties, and leave for the day.  Unlike machines, people are not robots, and come to work each day with personal stressors.  These stressors come in many forms, but all personal stressors have an impact on job performance.  One of those problems could be problem gambling.

Effects of Problem Gambling

Problem gambling is any time gambling causes problems in someone’s life.  People struggling with problem gambling tend to have increased mood swings, problems in their relationships, other disorders such as depression, and struggle with thoughts of suicide.  These effects of problem gambling would certainly affect the person’s job performance and their contribution to their company.

Someone struggling with problem gambling affects about 10 of the people closest to them.  These people include family, friends and colleagues.  If a colleague is struggling with problem gambling, they may have difficulty maintaining trust in their professional relationships.  This struggle could be due to preoccupation with thoughts of gambling, withdrawal from work responsibilities and lying about activities or whereabouts while on the job.  The important thing to remember is that problem gambling is just one of the many issues someone could be struggling with and that there is help.

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Helping Those in Need

Working with someone who is struggling with problem gambling can be frustrating.  It could be frustrating to see their performance decline, and it could feel frustrating to recognize and accept that a friend is having a problem.  It’s important to remember that, like any disease, there is help and hope. 

Hope:  You’ll want to learn as much about problem gambling as you can.  The more you learn the more you’ll realize that things can get better.  Resources found in are some of the best resources available to learn about problem gambling, seeking help, and the recovery process.  Visit to learn as much as you can to better understand this devastating disorder.

Help:  Help is becoming increasingly available for problem gambling and gambling disorder.  If you, a loved one or a colleague are struggling with problem gambling, contact your local Problem Gambling Resource Center (PGRC).  Each PGRC has trained professionals whose goal is to connect those in need to the available help in their area.  You can also learn more about your PGRC’s services, and be connected to additional resources.

As part of Problem Gambling Awareness Month, learn as much as you can about problem gambling to help raise your awareness.  The more you know, the better you can help colleagues who may be struggling.   Let’s all do our part to connect those struggling with problem gambling to help!