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You may feel excitement when a loved one enter into recovery from problem gambling.  That excitement can quickly turn to negative feelings when they begin gambling again, or have a relapse.  Learn what you can do to support yourself and stay healthy when a loved one is struggling with problem gambling. 

The New Year’s Resolution 

If a loved one promised you they’d enter into recovery, or start their recovery, that could’ve felt amazing. Thinking about the future, thinking about a healthy relationship, and thinking about the bright side of a home free from gambling related problems was wonderful. If that love one is relapsing, and has begun gambling, that doesn’t mean it’s the end of that dream. 

Many people who enter into recovery for addictions like problem gambling, will relapse. Relapse does not mean it’s the end of their recovery, and it doesn’t mean that your love one will never get better.  Although a relapse may be devastating, many times it’s all part of a successful journey into recovery.

A great way to understand a relapse is to think about when we learned to walk.  When we first began walking, we fell a few times (i.e. relapse) before we got it right.  With the right help and support, we learened how to walk and keep walking, successfully.  The same is for the success of a person looking to be in recovery from problem gambling. 

Staying Positive During Relapse 

It could feel very frustrating when a loved one relapses and begins gambling, again.   It’s important for you to take action to protect yourself during these hard times. 

Stay positive. Staying positive during relapse is important for your own well-being.  You need to remember that although your love one has begun gambling again, this does not mean it’s the end of their recovery, and it does not mean that their gambling will last forever. They can enter into recovery again, and they can decide to make their life better. 

Learn as much as you can. Learn as much as you can about problem gambling and recovery from problem gambling. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with the negative consequences of a love ones gambling, as well as your own feelings and how you deal with the consequences. To learn more about problem gambling, you can visit the resources, which include e-books, info graphics and videos. Here, you’ll find all the necessary information and links to additional resources as you begin, or continue, to learn as much as you can about problem gambling.

Get support. Getting support for your own well-being is very important. Especially if you’re supporting the love one who struggles with problem gambling. There are many different options available to someone who is seeing the negative effects of someone else’s gambling.  To learn about the available resources to help you in your local community, you can visit  There is a team waiting to assist you, today! 

You and your family are not alone, and those struggling with problem gambling are not alone.  There is a community to reach out to that cares.  Stay strong and hopeful as you and your family recover together from the effects of problem gambling!